S4Capital的媒体。僧侣merges with marketing firm Cashmere to grow content practice

S4Capital的媒体。僧侣is merging with marketing agency Cashmere to expand the capabilities of S4's content practice in the US and its global cultural strategy. Cashmere was founded in Los Angeles in 2003 and currently has over 150 team members. The agency has worked with brands including Google, Instagram, Facebook and BMW. Cashmere was also appointed as Taco Bell's first-ever culture agency.

S4Capital执行董事长马丁•索雷尔(Martin Sorrell,见图)表示,羊绒能够将当代文化转化为吸引人的内容,并覆盖到不同的受众,这是一种罕见的才能,S4希望将这一点整合到其内容业务的核心。他补充说:“考虑到我们看到的围绕多样性和目的性发生的变化,这尤其重要,不仅在美国,而且在其他国家。”

与此同时,开士米斯董事长兼联合创始人泰德·钟(Ted Chung)表示,根据与Media所有人的首次互动。僧侣, it was impressed with the agency's responsiveness, ambition, and disruptive approach which aligns with its philosophy of evolving the status quo.MARKETING-INTERACTIVE已经询问了合并的成本以及是否有任何关键的人事变动。

这是后S4合并MediaMonks和MightyHive组成Media。僧侣上个月。作为运营品牌,Media。僧侣will underpin S4 Capital’s agility, digital knowledge and efficiency and will be the next step in delivering on its foundational promise to unify content, data and digital media and technology services. Separately,S4还合并了destiny和MightyHive这将显著扩展其在亚太地区的数据和数字媒体业务的能力,并增强集团的全球销售队伍能力。



S4 Capital将MediaMonks和Mighty Hive合并在Media旗下。僧侣们的名字
S4 Capital旗下MediaMonks与上海创意机构TOMORROW宣布合并