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About the Author

Hi my name is Fryan and I'd like to believe that I am an expert in my field. I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and currently the head of Information and Communications Technology Division in a Port Operation company in the Philippines. I started blogging years ago (2004 to be exact). I don't consider myself as regular blogger since I don't do this for a living and neither I post regularly.

Day Job

I have 9 years experience leading IT teams and a half decade background in designing and building softwares for various industries (manufacturing, insurance & port operation). My primary responsibility is to steer IT groups and while at it, I still code in C#, Java, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, XCode, Android, Phonegap and etc. Our team practices ITIL v3 discipline to support our customers and we use SCRUM framework in managing software projects and product development. I'm also a part-time consultant to various companies in different industries like manufacturing, pharmaceutical, non-profit organization and government agency.

Blogging and etc.

I'm interested in reading stories about tech advancements in space, supercomputers, mobile devices, cryptography, jailbreaking and hacking. In my spare time, I explore new coding techniques, experiment devices, blog about them and at the same time practice forex and stock day trading on the side. I blog about coding techniques and solutions at while I share new technology news and reviews in here. I also founded the startup in the Philippines, a geo-aware mobile and web app to help you find the best auto mechanics in the country.

For more of my works, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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