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Drink safe water anywhere you are with Grayl

Drink safe water anywhere you are with Grayl
One of my favorite activity to do to recharge from hectic and stressful work is to go hiking whenever possible. The fresh air, the touch of leaves, shades from trees and scenic view from the peak never failed to rejuvenate my soul plus the long trail-walk train my body to become more fit. To make the 3 to 5 hour hike more comfortable, I always make sure to bring enough trail food and water. Enough drinking water is a must for hiking in a tropical country like the Philippines but what is enough differs from person to person. It is more challenging for some hikers to bring enough water for the trail since more water means heavier load to carry. Thanks to technology, it is a lot easier now. With Grayl, you don't have to bring more than one bottle because now you can make a drinkable water along the way. Grayl is an ultralight purifier bottle that can make clean, purified water in less than 15 seconds from any fresh water source you can find. It works like a French press coffee maker:

First, you scoop up some water from any fresh water source and then, press down the tube into the container and viola, you have a safe to drink water.

How to purify water with Grayl Ultralight
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The technology claims to remove particles, chemicals, and heavy metals found in untreated water and also viruses and bacteria.  The patented technology does not require batteries, UV bulbs, chemicals, pumping, sucking, squeezing or prolonged waiting. Grayl Ultralight can store water up to 16 oz, only weighs 10.9 oz and cost $59.50. In my personal experience, it live up to its promise. I choose to bring it over my hydration bladder as long as I'm hiking trails that have regular fresh water sources.

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