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Pixie: Find your important stuff with Augmented Reality

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Photo Credit: Pixie
If you're a forgetful person and most often loses stuff around your house or office then you might have considered getting a tracking device like the popular Tile Mate Key Finder. But before you run to the store and buy one, take a quick look at Pixie first ~ a new upcoming tech designed for abstracted or just busy people. It is a similar solution but uses different technology to locate lost things. If you have played Pokémon Go then using Pixie would be easy for you. Here's how it works. Just open the iPhone app (yeah bummer, it only supports iOS for now). When you are within Pixie range of the misplaced stuff (150 feet outside and 30-50 feet indoors), Pixie app will ask you to take a panoramic scan of your surroundings to map out where your item is. If your misplaced stuff is beyond range, Pixie will give you at least the last known GPS location. Then once it find your lost item, a ‘Pixie Dust’ reveals the location and then show you a compass interface which points you to the right spot. If your within 5 feet of the item, you can switch over to metal detector like feature which notify you with series of beeps as you get nearer the item, similar to a metal detector.

Pixie will ship on January 25 for iPhone users and Android later in the year. You can order it now as low as $49.99 for two-pack and $99.99 for four-pack. Each comes with free Pixie iPhone case. Pixie is one of notable techs launched at CES 2017.

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