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Girl Went Online Shopping Using Her Sleeping Mom's Thumbprint

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What adults love to do during holidays? One is sleeping and second is shopping. That is the same thing (almost) this 6-year-old girl did but in reverse. She went online shopping while her mom is sleeping. While mom Bethany was sleeping on the couch, Ashlynd (the daughter) used her mother's thumb to unlock the Amazon app on her phone and then went to order $250 worth of Pokemon items for herself. Ofcourse the first impression of the parents when they got 13 confirmation notices about the purchases is that they'd been hacked which is partially true ofcourse. The girl proudly admitted the deed by explaining, "No, Mommy, I was shopping." The Howells were able to return only four of the items.

That is one of the downside of technology. Nowadays, pretty much everything is easier. From securing mobile phones to shopping (including not for kids stuff). So my advice? remember some old habit is still the best for you even in 2017. Technology keeps on advancing so as our Kids. So please use a password.

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