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Omnicharge: The only portable power bank you'll ever need

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Most of power banks today are designed for charging usb ready devices like smartphones and camera. For months, I've been looking for portable extra power supply to charge my macbook pro whenever I'm on the go and unfortunately I haven't encountered one until I stumbled upon Indiegogo, a like portal.
Omnicharge: The only portable power bank you'll ever need
Photo Credit: Indiegogo/Omnicharge
On that site, I was able to discover a lot of cool startups including the one I was looking for: a portable power bank that can charge almost any electronic device. Omnicharge power bank can also charge my macbook pro or any laptop for that matter because aside from two (2) usb fast charging ports, it also has AC/DC Power Outlet. It will come in two version, the Omnicharge PRO which has a capacity of 20,400mAh and 100W output power, and the Omnicharge Standard which has a lower load of 13,600mAh and 65W output. And thats not it, forgot to bring your cable? as long as your device supports Qi wireless charging then you are good to go in the PRO version. You might be thinking how long it would take for this powerbank to reload itself. Well the power bank itself can reach full charge in only 2-3 hours with Omnicharge charger.

With Omnicharge you can charge multiple devices simultaneously without worrying about overcharging because it comes with smart power management system that adapts to optimal power levels for each device. Shipping of this product will start in January 2017. You may want to pre-order now like what I did. You are not just saving more than 30% of its price, you'll also be one of the first owner of this great product.

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  1. This is something new on the market of portable chargers. I will be testing it soon, because it has long been looking for something like that, but this design won me over. I wanted to add that if you have young children and you are worried for their upbringing in the moments of your absence. I advise you to try, it is very convenient.