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Huawei is taking the smartphone design to the next level

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In my humble opinion, the best phone or phones of 2016 are not necessarily the best in design category. Yeah I'm talking about iPhone 7 which literally an untouched version of iPhone 6 and Google Pixel which safe to say an iPhone's look alike. Arguably both these phones, hands down, are the best phone your money can buy in terms of features and hardware but when it comes to external design, the award could have been given to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, Note 7 exploded its way out from the competition which left us out with one-step less better S7 Edge and personally force me to switch from Note 7 to Sony Xperia Z. However the contest for the most prettiest smartphone isn't over yet because the Chinese manufacturer Huawei have something to say before the year ends. Behold, the Honor Magic smartphone.

Huawei is taking the smartphone design to the next level
Photo Credit: Huawei

Honor Magic is not just all about pretty face. Internally powered by a Kirin 950 which has 8 cores on board. The Honor Magic features a 5.09-inch 2K AMOLED curved screen. This phone is stylish and ergonomically designed with a 3D curved glass body.

“The Honor Magic encapsulates our commitment to cutting-edge innovation and technology,” said George Zhao, president of Honor. “Through this launch, we at Honor are telling our fans around the globe that we are genuinely committed to challenging ourselves and willing to disrupt the status quo to ultimately be able to bring the best mobile-internet experience to them.”

OK let the final contest begin. Until I got hold of this phone, I will reserve my final verdict for the prettiest among them all. For now, I just hope Apple, Samsung and Google can get their acts together and come back swinging with bigger improvements on their own smartphones.

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