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Home Automation Gone Naughty

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Amazon Echo: Home Automation Gone Naughty
Photo Credit: Amazon
One of the latest trend in gadgets in 2016 is home automation devices and Amazon is arguably leading the race in terms of sales with their own Amazon Echo and its smaller version Echo Dot. These devices can follow your voice command easily. Echo can do a lot of stuff for you like streaming music, tune in to the radio, read you a book, set the timer, or even order a pizza. For as low as $49.99, you'll have an smart voice assistant at your home. Convenient? Almost. The downside of Amazon Echo is that it sometimes can't understand what exactly you mean like this young boy in the video trying to ask Alexa (the voice assistant's name inside Amazon Echo) to play him his song.

A word of advice. Don't let your kids play alone with Alexa because she (it) might misunderstood them and Santa won't be happy.

Happy New Year!

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