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Smart Mirror: Coming soon in your home

Smart Mirror: Coming soon in your home
Whenever I browse my social media account, I often come accross with one or two bathroom mirror selfie shot (I don't know if thats how you call it). I don't mind people doing it and honestly it is none of my business. I'm posting about it because I gets AHA moment when I encounter posts like that. I often wonder what if there is such a smart mirror thing. It is like an ordinary mirror in your bedroom or bathroom's wall but smarter. It can take a picture of you and automatically post it in your facebook and/or instagram accounts with a caption like
"i woke up like this:-)" 
or a mirror that can record a seconds of your cute sexy act then post it in your linked snapchat. It should also able to show your calendar and daily weather while brushing your teeth. Advanced feature could be health condition detection. With just by looking at the mirror, it can detect some illness like eye irritation, skin rushes and among others then show the information in the mirror as overlay display similar to the augmented reality features of Google Glass and Smartphones. You can interact with Smart Mirror by touching it or by voice command. Pretty neat ha? I wish I can claim that Idea as mine but I can't because there is already a DIY project like it. Although it is not 100% the same with mine, it is still pretty like it. If you want to try doing similar project yourself then watch the complete video with step-by-step instruction to build it.

Hit the comment section if you have ever done similar project. As to my Aha project, I will surely update you here if I decided to make one.

photo credit: romero007 Double via photopin (license)


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