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How Internet will end?

Believe it or not. It can happen. Whether you're in IT field or not, you are vulnerable, we all are. Last week, several popular online services such as and Spotify were not accessible from users in some part of the world. If you're living in those affected places then you might had a feel of what it is like to live in pre-internet era. The massive outage was because of a widespread DDoS attack to a DNS company called DYN. Getting bored already? Please keep reading because this is important. Imagine a world without Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat? Can you really live without social media? if you say YES then stop reading or otherwise give me time to explain.

Understanding How It Works

Let me make it easier for you to comprehend. First lets go back to technical jargons I mentioned. First what is DDoS. That is the abbreviation for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a common type of hacking strategy for hackers to bring down internet services or just plainly any kind of computer. It is done by sending millions of request to the target computer until it choke. Take note that every type of computer has its limitation, your personal computer can hang if it is processing too much tasks beyond it was designed for. The same limitation applies to big computers or servers out there. If hackers are able to send too many requests to a target server, it will come to its tipping point and eventually shuts down. On the other hand, DNS refers to Dynamic Name Servers. It is like an address book on your mobile phone. Most of us don't remember phone numbers so we prefer looking for the names in phonebook and once we found it, phonebook can show the details of that contact including the number so you could make a call. Are you still with me? Hope so. So if DNS companies like DYN is an address book of websites in world wide web. Imagine if they get hacked (in this case using DDoS attack) and attackers were successful bringing down the DNS computers (or going back to phonebook analogy, deleted the address book). How would billion of internet users will be able to locate or access their favorite internet services? Oh yeah.. They can’t. When this happen, your smartphone will just be phone. Your computer will be standing alone. A life without internet.

Possibility because of Internet of Things

Internet of Things
I can hear you laughing now. But after the massive outage last week, it is safe to say I'm not talking shit. Dark ages for internet is not too far. Here is how may internet meet its ending. Have you heard about IoT or Internet of Things? Every gadgets now have the capability to connect to internet on their own. I’m not just talking about smartphones, computers and network devices. Most of ordinary appliances and gadgets are also now internet enabled such as digital cameras, smart watches, TVs, speakers, game consoles, refrigerators, oven, lights, and all other appliances. Internet enabled means these devices can connect to internet at ease. Now ask your self, have you recently bought a smart appliance or gadget? have you change the default admin password of it? Or have you even bother reading the manual or you just proceeded to default setup, plug and play. Yeah I understand, convenience is our priority in buying things now. We want them to work right out of the box. But this is also mankind’s weakest link.

If you are the convenient type of guy, then you might also be one of the suspected aid to the crime last week. Yes it may sound absurd but the simplest explanation of the massive downtime last week was because of 10s of millions of refrigerator, coffee maker and other smart devices attacked one of the biggest company of DNS servers. Ofcourse these smart appliances won’t start attacking on their own. These smart appliances were infected by Mirai botnet. It is a type of computer malware that turn computers including smart devices and appliances into controlled zombies. Hackers start by using piece of wizardry (coding) to search for any internet-connected device that have default settings. Once they have the list of these devices and probably included there is your smart oven, hackers can plant Mirai botnet on them. And there on they would be able to use horde of devices to attack someone else's computer which in this case the DYN’s DNS servers. Cool yeah? Not if your the victim.

How can you help?

How you can help to stop IoT attack

You don’t have to be an IT expert to help in preventing the doomsday of internet. All you need is to do the simple things.

- Read your device manual.
- Change your smart device default password.
- Keep your devices up to date as possible.
- Reset or reboot your devices from time to time. Reboot kills malware and viruses.
- Invest in highly secured home routers or modem. This is the little box provided by your Telco company when they installed your internet. I bet you didn’t waste time changing your router’s default admin password :)

In short you could be a great help to mankind if you start being more conscious to things that you connect to internet in your home.