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Google Re-Org Illustrated

If you'll ask me now which company I love to work for, of course I'll go with the biggest and coolest there is and definitely Google is on top of my list. But because of the announcement of a massive organizational overhaul, my dream to work with Google became one step below the top. With the re-org, Google just became a subsidiary of Alphabet, a newly created company. Now I have to dream bigger and aim for Alphabet if want the coolest there is. If your curious how will the new structure will look like, here is a simple illustration.

Google Re-Org Illustrated

  • Nest is a home automation system company acquired by Google in 2014.
  • Calico is a research and development biotech company that experiments with combating aging and related diseases.
  • Sidewalk Labs is all about improving modern cities.
  • Google X is the secret laboratory of Google working on ambitious projects such as Google Glass, Project Loon, Self-driving cars and etc.
  • Fiber builds high-speed internet connections.
  • Google Capital is its investment arm, which is distinct from Google Ventures, the search giant's venture-capital investment vehicle.
  • Google includes Search, YouTube, Android, and Maps. 


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Avid Note users are not happy with Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Avid Note users are not happy with Samsung Galaxy Note 5

After a very long silence due to new responsibilities from my day job, I am officially back. Although I've been so busy with work, I still monitor tech news and trends everyday so I'm definitely up-to-date with mobile world and with the recent official announcement of Samsung's latest phablet version: The Galaxy Note 5, and I can honestly say I'm not happy with it. The new Note 5 is undoubtedly more beautiful with its premium glass and metal build compare to my almost one year old  Note 4. This newest version of Note is also more faster and more powerful than ever with its Exynos 7420 64-bit octa core processor and 4GB RAM. But what I don't understand is why Samsung choose to let go of features that made it the most popular phablet in the world.

Galaxy Note 5 has no microSD

No more MicroSD

Yes. Samsung decided to go with iPhone 6 plus direction by dropping the microSD slot. Honestly this is one of major reason I choose Note 4 over iPhone 6 plus. I don't like paying for additional thousand pesos just to double my phone's storage. I wanted my new phablet to be able to use my existing microSD where I save my important files. Now with the new Note 5, Samsung is forcing me to dispose my external disk. It is not fair :-(

Galaxy Note 5 has lower-capacity battery and non-removable back

Lower-capacity Battery and Non-removable back

Ouch. From 3,220mAh, Note 5 has now 3,000mAh. Although it is just slight lower and usually not a problem with Galaxy Note because of its removable back that make switching battery easy. But the Note 5 doesn't have a removable back anymore, which means no more battery switching. Well that sucks!


These shortcomings might be just minor on paper but it is important for hardcore Note users like me. A smartphone with a microSD slot, gives me flexibility in terms of storage and transferring files. While bigger battery and removable back give me longer mobility and freedom from an electric outlet. To omit these not so minor features is a clear indication to me that Samsung is directly competing with Apple's iPhone 6 Plus. Why would they playing catchup with Apple? It should be the other way around. The Galaxy Note is the first of its kind in a crowded smartphone market. Instead of mimicking competitors, Samsung should focus on enhancing the Note's strengths and not removing them. Samsung, please try to listen to your existing users. We are using Note over other phablets in the market because of these small reasons.


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