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These Freebies Are Yours When You Buy A Note 4

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When you get a Samsung flagship phone at any official Samsung store, more often, it comes with a free flip case or screen protector. That's about $15 savings. You can have more than that when you buy the new Galaxy Note 4, because you'll also receive free Galaxy gifts. These gifts are free premium subscriptions to popular apps like DropBox, Pocket, Kindle, Audible and more. To check out the complete list of free gifts you can have, head over to Galaxy Gifts Page.
These Freebies Are Yours When You Buy A Note 4

These Gifts are group in 4 categories which are the following:
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
  • News & Reading
  • Lifestyle and others. 
Remember, if you live in the Philippines, you can wait for the official availability of Galaxy Note 4 on October 25th or buy it now through online stores like Kimstore and DBGadgets. In US, Galaxy Note 4 will go on sale on October 17th.

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