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The Next Major Microsoft Windows Release is Windows 10 and Not Windows 9

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The Next Major Microsoft Windows Release is Windows 10 and Not Windows 9

The rumors roaming around about the next major release of Windows are wrong. There is no Windows 9 or Windows TH (Threshold) or Windows One. Instead it will be called Windows 10, according to Terry Myerson, the Microsoft executive VP of operating systems.  The new Microsoft operating system is targeted to be released by mid 2015. Microsoft had to learn from the past mistake when they released Windows 8 which is making the UI totally new and made users difficult to adapt.
“Windows 10 will be familiar to end users, whether they're coming from Windows 7 or Windows 8” -- Myerson

What do we know so far from yesterday's event?

  • Windows 10 will go back to where it started. The Start Menu.
The Start Menu on Windows 10

  • Windows 10 will feature virtual desktops - a collections of apps that users can organise for better user experience.
  • Windows 10 will be able to detect between desktop and touch device. The idea is for Windows to automatically switch between standard and touch interface if it detects a plugged keyboard. It is designed to run on desktop PC and smartphones.
  • There are speculations that Windows 10 will be free for Windows 8 user but Microsoft did not mentioned about it during the event.

Why in the hell Microsoft skipping Windows 9

“Really, y'know, this is a, this product, when you see the product in its fullness, it's a more appropriate name for the breadth of the product family that's coming.... We have tested it with many people, and it was a name that resonated best for what we'll deliver.”

That's according to Myerson when he was asked by reporters. Hmm, I think number 9 is better. It should have been Windows 9. Just saying..

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