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SSD Hard Drives That Can Self Destruct

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If Technology can make our life easier, it can also make harder for us to do other things. One of it is keeping private things private. For example, you can't just sell old computer without first wiping all your personal data on it because there is a chance that your deleted files can be recovered.  You can't even send playful photos without being paranoid that someone might see it aside from your intended recipient. Fortunately some tech companies knows about these concerns and their trying to make things right. Here is a great example of making tech balanced, a Hard Drive that can self destruct.

SSD hard drives that can self destruct

Yes you heard it right. Autothysis128t and Autothysis128s are 128GB SSD Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) with 256-bit AES CBC hardware level encryption and computer independent 2 factor authentication via your Smartphone. In layman's term, it means that the hard drive can encrypt data by itself without installing any softwares and requires authentication before you can access the files on it. It is also capable of destroying itself via the following method:

  • SMS kill message 
  • By removing the drive from a PC.
  • Case tampering - if the drive is opened in attempt to gain unauthorised access to the storage.
  • Tap to destroy.
  • Low battery level - prevent someone to dry out the battery to gain access to the drive.
  • PIN Code retries limit.

As of now, these products are aimed to be sold to governments and corporations. But we all know that  is almost the case with every new technology. I am pretty sure that it will be available to consumers as soon as the product matured.

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