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Must Have Apps for Nude Selfie Lovers

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3 Must Have Apps for Nude Selfie Lovers

With the recent celebrity photo leaks a.k.a The Fappening, anyone who love taking selfies with his/her smartphones has now more reasons to be worried. So how can you prevent such misfortune from happening to you? To be honest, the only fool-proof way to prevent this is by not taking nude selfies at all. But if your a person that don't think can resist the temptation then I suggest to use the following apps on your devices now.

1. Snapchat and Wickr
Don't ever send NSFW photos over iMessage and Facebook. Even if you already have deleted these photos on your phone, it is more likely that it still available on the recipients phone and in the cloud (wherever it is). If you really can't help sending kinky conversations, then use Snapchat. With this app, you can send photos, videos, text and etc to your intended recipient discreetly because once your recipient read your message, it will be automatically deleted from the recipient's device and Snapchat's servers.

Similar to snapchat is Wickr but more sophisticated in my opinion. Sender message is encrypted locally (on the smartphone) using randomly generated unique keys and decrypts locally on receiver's device. Wickr use military-grade encryption during the message life span to ensure that only you and  the recipients authorised devices can read your message.

Wickr use military-grade encryption during the message life span

2. Stash and Gallery Lock
Whenever you feel the urge to take photos of your self in nude, delete them right away after viewing them. But if you want to keep them, use the Stash app.  Stash secures your photos so only you can access them. It has built-in library to organise your media files.  Included also with Stash paid version is a built-in browser where you can surf the net securely. Stash is available on iOS only.

If your using Android phone, then try Galley Lock pro. Its function is similar to Stash, it can hide your pictures and videos to protect your privacy.

3. Built-in Encryption Utilities on Windows and Mac.
Never transfer or backup your selfies on your computer and external disks. Again if you can't avoid this, at least use encryption utilities such as Bitlocker for Windows and Disk Utility for Mac to encrypt drives and folders where your naughty media files are stored.


You can never be too safe these days. Because of Internet and Social Media, everything you share now is possible to be leaked by accident or intentionally exposed by someone. The only thing you can do now is be extra conscious on what information to keep and which information to send because you never know when these information, or kinky selfies will be used against you.

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