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Microsoft's Next Lock Screen for Android

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Microsoft's Next Lock Screen for Android

Do you know that Microsoft is also developing apps for competing platform? Probably not but it is true. Microsoft Garage, a division of the company that allows their employees to work on any project they wish (yes similar to Google Labs) created a lock screen replacement for Android called Next Lock Screen. The app brings the concept of getting things done right on the handset's lock screen. All notifications such as missed calls, received texts, and appointments are shown as list on the lockscreen and you can swipe each notice to take action on it. In short, it was designed for busy people. Here are the features of Next Lock Screen:
  • Calendar. Shows upcoming appointments for the day.
  • One swipe to dial. Enables you to quickly call back missed call.
  • Quick app launch. Shows you the most commonly used apps based on your location.
  • Dynamic background. It changes the lock screen wallpaper depending on your location.
The following video shows more about this lock screen replacement from Microsoft.

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