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Math Problems? There is an app for that

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Can't solve a math equation? I have 3 answers for you. One, you can call your math geek friend and let him/her help you. Two, type the equation at Wolfram|Alpha and it will give you different forms of answers. And three, use PhotoMath app, the smart camera calculator. To solve a math equation using option three, just follow these easy steps:

Math Problems? There is an app for that

1. Hold your phone and place the equation inside the red frame.
2. Boom! The solution should appear below the frame.
3. You can adjust the view by swiping your finger in all directions. Keep only the part of equation you want to solve.

Based on my brief testing, the app can solve simple math equations quickly. It is not perfect and probably won't solve complex equations. But considering the idea behind the app, the potential of it really excites me. It could be a start of something bigger.

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