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FingerSecurity: An app locker that use biometrics security to lock any app

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Biometrics security is now a common feature with most of the flagship smartphones today. It is more secure and convenient than entering PIN code. You don't need to remember complicated passwords and change them frequently to ensure no one can figure it out. If your keeping sensitive data on your phone, you might have tried using app locker programs. The problem with most of app locker today including my favorite AppLock is that they don't support fingerprint scanner yet.

Thanks to Rick Clephas, his app can do what other app locker can't, FingerSecurity allows user to use the built-in fingerprint scanner of devices such as Galaxy S5 and Note 4 to replace complicated passwords and PIN codes to secure apps that are sensitive for you. It uses all your registered fingerprints which you can manage from Settings > Finger Scanner.

Follow these 3 easy steps to secure any app with your fingerprint.
1. Make sure that your fingerprint is now registered with your handset's fingerprint manager.

2. Download and install FingerSecurity from Google Playstore.

3. From the App List, scroll down to any app and tap it to lock the app.


There you have it. If you know similar apps like FingerSecurity, please post it in our comments section.

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