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Apple iOS 8.1 will be available Today

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Many Apple users, expect iOS 8.1 update to be the answer of all the problems that iOS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 brought to iPhone couple of weeks ago. But iOS 8.1 is more than a permanent fix, it also brings some features that makes iOS 8.1 worth upgrading to.

iPhone 6 Apple Pay

Apple Pay
The newest iOS 8 update will include Apple Pay, the tech giant's mobile payment service that enables iPhone 6 users to use their phone's NFC and Touch ID to pay for goods and services.

iOS 8 Continuity

Together with OS X Yosemite, Apple users can accept and make calls on Mac whenever iPhone is out of reach. Beside iMessage, users can now also send and receive SMS and MMS messages from all iOS devices. Continuity also features Handsoff, which gives you the power to pickup what you left off. For example, you can use Map on your iOS device and continue using it with your Mac.

iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library
This Library allows users to save pictures and videos to their iCloud account. Only smaller versions of your photos are stored on your iOS device to save storage space. Ofcourse the iCloud Photo Library will be accessible on all of your iOS devices if you have more than one.

Camera Roll
Do you miss the camera roll folder on your iOS Photos? With iOS 8.1, the said feature will make a comeback.

Looking forward for iOS 8.1 update? Stay tuned for more updates today.

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