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Samsung counters Apple's iPhone 6 by releasing Galaxy Note 4 on Sept 26

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Samsung counters Apple's iPhone by releasing Galaxy Note 4 on Sept 26

Samsung, the closest rival of Apple in smartphone market, don't want to waste time. The korean based tech giant don't want to just watch and do nothing while the iPhone 6 steals the spotlight. They want to act now by moving the launch schedule of Galaxy Note 4, the latest version of their popular phablet. Galaxy Note 4 will debut in Korea and China on September 26 and will be on sale in 140 markets by the end of October. The new schedule will allow Note 4 to beat the iPhone 6 in China market.

Samsung targets to ship 15 Million of Galaxy Note 4 devices within first 30 days of its launch. iPhone 6 had an early success by selling 10 Million units during its first weekend so the pressure is on for Samsung.

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