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Instapaper for Android and iOS Is Now Free

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Instapaper for Android and iOS Is Now Free

When somebody ask me for suggestion on offline reading app, I often recommend Pocket because that is what I use ever since I started saving web contents offline. The major influence for me in choosing Pocket is because it cost nothing. My second choice back then was Instapaper but unfortunately it cost $3 and I wasn't ready to shell out money to buy such tool. With recent version release of the said app, the developer decided to offer it for free with optional premium features starting at $2.99. The latest version of Instapaper comes with some major updates such as the following:

  • Text-to-Speech. If you prefer listening than reading then you will find this feature useful.
  • Unified Browse. View articles from editors, algorithms and your friends are saving in a single feed.
  • User Profiles. You can also view your friend's profiles from articles they liked.

Have you purchased the app already? To be fair, Instapaper will give your money back by providing you a one month access to premium features.

Download Instapaper on Google Playstore or App Store.

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