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Convert Almost Any Android App to Chrome Extension

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Convert Almost Any Android App to Chrome Extension

Want to play your favorite android game or run any famous app on PC or Mac?  Now it is possible with the help an android app called Chrome APK Packager. This app will create a Chrome ARChon Custom Runtime packages directly from your phone. You can generate chrome packages from either APKs on your phones storage, or from apps installed on your phone. Here how simple to use it.

1. Just install and open the app on your android device
2. Either select an apk or select an installed app on the list.
3. Choose the device mode and orientation of the target Chrome extension.
3. Viola! the Chrome APK packager will generate the Chrome extension zipped file on your phone storage.

The generated Chrome extension can run on any desktop platform as long as you have Chrome browser installed and ArChon Custom Runtime.

Go ahead and download it here and try it yourself.

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