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5 Reasons not to upgrade to iPhone 6

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5 Reasons not to upgrade to iPhone 6

With this article, some might think I'm an anti-iPhone user or an android diehard loser. The truth is I'm neither of those. As a matter of fact, I am the opposite of both. I'm an android user and at the same time an apple user as well. Currently I use LG G3 and iPhone 5s.  To clear things up, this is not just another Android smartphone vs iPhone article, this is about why I think you should skip iPhone 6. Here are the 5 reasons I have for you.

1. No Bigger Screen
If your an existing android phone user, most likely you already own one that has a bigger screen than 4.7 inch iPhone 6. If you own a LG G3 then you already own the arguably best pound-for-pound smartphone on this category so why settle for less?

iPhone 6 screen is not bigger than most of android flagship phones

2. No Better Display
iPhone 6 for sure has a better display than its predecessor, the iPhone 5s. Apple has increased the resolution of iPhone 6 display to 1334 x 750 from 1136 x 640 of iPhone 5s which is 38% increase. But wait both phones have the same 326 ppi (pixels per inch) and still uses the same IPS LCD screen. Is the 38% increased the resolution justifies the jump in price?

iPhone 6 display is not better than most of android flagship phones

3. Absence of Sapphire Screen
Another no show from the expected features of iPhone 6 is the sapphire screen. Instead Apple unveiled the so called "ion strengthened curved glass" which translation is corning gorilla glass. And by the way, iPhone 6 is not water resistant nor dust resistant. So why do I have to pay more for the same screen protection?

Absence of sapphire screen in iPhone 6

4. The same 8MP shooter
For the past 3 years, Apple continuously added zero (0) megapixel to iPhone's main camera. Yes nada. It is true that Megapixels are not the only measure of a great camera however when you compare it against the Samsung Galaxy S5's 16MP, definitely there is no contest as far as resolution goes.

iPhone 6 has The same 8MP shooter

5. Too Expensive
Lastly and the major reason that holding me back to join the iPhone 6 wave is this one. Why is it too expensive???? The cheapest iPhone 6 here in the Philippines cost around Php50,000+ ($1100+) for 16GB variant and the most expensive is for Apple 6 Plus 128 GB variant which cost around Php100,000+ ($2200+). With that amount of money, you can already purchase a second hand car or buy 3 Sony Xperia Z3 or Samsung Galaxy S5.

As I said from the very start of this post, I am a proud iPhone user. I think Apple has made another evolutionary (not revolutionary) product in iPhone 6. I am pretty sure that iPhone 6 will be another hit if not the best selling smartphone for Apple this year. For die-hard iPhone fans, none of my 5 points on this article will matter. Honestly If I have an extra thousand bucks right now, I'll get the new iPhone in a heart beat.  But since I can't spare that much, I need to listen to my frugal side and it is firmly saying that not until my carrier contract is up, iPhone 6 will have to wait. At least for now.

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