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LG G3: The prettiest beast of 2014

After 8 months of using LG G2, its predecessor has finally arrived and it feels like I have no choice but to try the newest smartphone in town. One month after the official announcement, I was able to get my hands on LG G3 F400K, a model that was released in Korea. Fast forward today (a week after using it), i am happy to share my experience with this pretty beast.

Here is the summary specs of my LG G3 using CPU-Z
Model : LG-F400K (g3_kt_kr)
Manufacturer : LGE
Board : MSM8974
Hardware : g3
OS Android Ver. : 4.4.2
CPU : Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400
Name : Qualcomm Snapdragon
Model : Qualcomm MSM8974PRO-AC
Dimensions: 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm (5.76 x 2.94 x 0.35 in)
Weight: 149 g (5.26 oz)
Screen Resolution in pixels: 1440 X 2392
Screen Resolution in dpi: 360 X 598
Screen Density: 640 dpi
Internal Storage: 32 GB
External Storage: microSD, up to 128 GB
Primary Camera: 13 MP
Secondary Camera: 2.1 MP
NFC: Yes
Infrared Port: Yes
Battery: 3000 mAh

The Good.

Quad HD Display and Improved Design. The LG G3's 5.5" (2560 x 1440) Quad HD Display is by far the most superior display among flagship smartphone today. The screen is almost bezel less and button free, definitely a forward evolution of its predecessor. My black unit looks mostly glass at front whenever the screen is off.  It is surely looks premium when you stare at it. At the back, G3 looks metallic but it is actually not. The body is still plastic and mixed with an anti-scratch and fingerprint -resistant material. Although it doesn't feel as premium as HTC One in the hand, I really don't care because a real metal is heavier and I prefer to bring lighter gadgets with me. Does it look better compare to G2? way better in my humble opinion. Below are photos of G3 (right side) besides its predecessor, the G2.

side by side: LG G3 vs G2

bottom picture of LG G3 vs G2

Better Camera.  Capturing a moment on LG G3 is now better than ever. Its main camera is packed with 13 MP sensor and laser-assisted focusing mechanism which makes focusing on subject faster.  The laser also helps achieve quicker and better focus in low light. If you love to take selfies then you won't be disappointed either, it has 2-megapixel selfie shooter. LG G3 supports a new gesture recognition when taking selfie. Just wave your hand and then clinch it into a fist, the G3 will starts a 3-seconds countdown and take your photo.

Super Performance. With an upgraded Quad-core CPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and a bigger 3GB RAM, the successor to LG's last year flagship phone is faster. I quickly noticed the difference between G2 and G3 the first time I tested LG G3. Apps are more responsive and switching between them is a breeze.  I guess beside the upgraded hardware, the new simplified user interface has also something to do with it. The UI resembles the stock Android 4.4 Kitkat. It is neat and cleaner. LG definitely did a good job in revamping the UI this time around.

LG G3 simplified user interface

Expandable Storage. Considering how high the resolution of photo and video files today, 32GB or even 64GB builtin storage in most smartphones are just not enough. Fortunately, LG knows about this so they made G3 more flexible. Because of the removable back plastic cover, you can add a microSD to beef up your storage up to 128 GB.

Removable Battery. Although I find my late LG G2's battery last longer in this category, the battery of G3 is no pushover either.  At 3,000mAh, under my usual usage (Email, Facebook, Instagram, SMS and Call) it can last 24 hours without charging. Since it is also removable, you can bring backup batteries and replace the existing one if you need to. You may not feel the need to plug your G3 in an outlet for a long time. Models that were released in Korea comes with a spare battery.

The Bad.

Last year, I only have two complains about LG G2: the ugly UI and weird button placement. LG might have read my review and granted my wish when they simplified G3's UI. For the weird buttons at the back, well.. i got used to it ;). So do I consider LG G3 a perfect smartphone for me? I can't say that because I still have my wishes for this one.
  • Fingerprint scanner. Although I like the knock code, I still want the finger scanner security in my LG G3 simply because of its James Bond factor.
  • Remove LG front logo. G3 will be truly bezel free only if LG can do away with Logo free screen. Imagine the front of G3 to have all glass from top to bottom, the result will be a larger screen area and a more premium look.

The Verdict.

Is LG G3 a smart upgrade? Whether you own LG G2 or other smartphone brands, G3 is a smart upgrade decision in my opinion. Until iPhone 6 arrives, It is my favorite phone of 2014.

You can now get it at MX Memo Express store for Php 29,990 cash or Kimstore (online shop) for Php 27,700 cash.