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Get LG G3 Before the July 1 Global Launch

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If your in the Philippines, you are probably one of gadget fanatics that are waiting for the LG's newest flagship smartphone, the LG G3. I was able to get my unit last week from an online seller who imported the device from Korea and I'll be posting my review soon. The local supply right now is still limited and will only be globally launched on July 1. If you can't wait for LG G3 to hit local malls and stores, you can get this smartphone as early as tomorrow, July 28 from an online store called Widget City. They only have 50 units each for 16 GB and 32 variants. It comes with Quick Circle view case and available in three colours: black, white and gold.  Hurry and reserve your orders now! Go to their official FB page for more details.

Get LG G3 Before July 1 Global Launching

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