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Review: Momax iPower Tough 2, The tough powerbank

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Review: Momax iPower Tough 2, The tough powerbank
After whining about what I don't like with iPower GO+ in my previous post. I had an opportunity to buy the sturdy version of iPower, the iPower Tough 2. After a week of using it, I am more than satisfied because this powebank is made for people that have an active lifestyle like me. Here are my point by point impression of iPower Tough 2 after a week of everyday use.

The Good

iPower Tough 2 has fewer power compare to iPower GO+ but it still designed to last with its 9000mAh capacity which can fully charge my iPhone 5 up to 6X and my LG G2 up to 2 or 3 times. I grade it "A" on this category.

I like the appearance of iPower Tough 2. It looks adventurous. Built with aluminum and wrapped by rubber layer which is both flexible and sturdy. It is IP65 rating which means it dust and splash resistant.

iPower Tough 2 has dual USB output of 2.1A and 1A to recharge two devices simultaneously. It supports most smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices which supports USB charging.

The price is Php3,750 from Microstation in SM North. Its price is the same with my previous iPower GO+. Although iPower GO+ is bigger by 1,200mAh, the durability of iPower Tough 2 justifies the price.

It is definitely lighter than iPowe GO+ and it is one of devices i bring when I go hiking.

The Bad

The only thing I wish about the iPower Tough 2 is more color choices. It would be really cool if it has a color black which will compliment its adventurous and tough appearance.

The Verdict

I have nothing bad to say about this product except the color choices. I personally recommend it for travellers and occasion hikers. Because of its tough and durable built, it will surely provide you long lasting extra power in any sorts of situations.

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