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Review: iPower GO+, It looks sturdy but it is not

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This is my first time to review a power bank or portable external battery for smart devices. Like I always mentioned in my other reviews, I only review products that I actually use. No gimmicks, no sponsors and no bullsh*t. Last december, I bought the iPower GO+ from a local store and after more than a month of use, here is my take on it.

The Good

iPower GO+ has a lot of juice on it. As in a lot! It packs with 11,200mAh reserve power which can fully charge my iPhone up to 7X and my LG G2 up to 3 or 4 times. I have nothing more to ask from iPower Go+ in this category.

Look can be deceiving. It looks like a sturdy small briefcase but unfortunately for me it is not.

iPower GO+ has dual USB output which can charge two devices simultaneously. One USB output can shell out 2.1A+ for fast charging.

The Bad

It weighs 260g which in my opinion, a little too heavy for backpack. I don't recommend it for long outdoor hiking when light packing is important.

The price is Php3,750 from Digital Walker. A far more pricey than other available power bank out in the market.

The Verdict

Did I regret buying iPower GO+? will I recommend it? 
Personally Yes I regret buying it but not because it is not a good buy. It serves its purpose well and that is to provide backup power for my devices whenever they are hungry.  If I can return to the past, I'll go for iPower Tough 2 because it fits my lifestyle more. I still recommend iPower GO+ though not just a gadget for outdoor activities.

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