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How to Merge PDF files using Preview

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How to Merge PDF files using Preview
What I like with Mac is it has almost every tool you need. A good example is merging PDF documents. In other platforms, you'll need to download 3rd party tools to do this but not in Mac. If you already a Mac user then you might already familiar with Preview app. It is a built-in application that can preview images and pdf files. With the sample app, you can merge pdf files easily just by following these steps.

  1. Open the first PDF file you want to merge with other pdf files.
  2. Now, click View > Thumbnails.
  3. From the finder window, drag the next pdf file you want to merge with the first one. Be sure to drop the pdf file over the thumbnail of the first one.
  4. Now you can arrange the sorting by dragging and dropping each thumbnail over one another until you achieve your desired sorting.
  5. Click File > Save. Take note that Preview will use the filename of the first pdf you opened. You can change this in finder window.

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