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Add an iPhone or iPad Frame on any Screenshot or Image

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We are about to publish a press release for an iOS app. We decided to include some screenshots of the app to spice up the article. One of our collegue suggested to put the screenshots inside an iPhone image or frame so it would be more appealing. I have no time to use Photoshop so I looked for other ways to do it. The timing is perfect when I discovered about this iOS app called Screenshot - Frame Maker. Its usage is pretty straight forward and in 3 steps you can have your framed screenshot in seconds. Continue reading after the jump.

1. Open the app and tap "+" icon to select the screenshot you want to be framed.

Add an iPhone or iPad Frame on any Screenshot or Image

2. You can replace default device by clicking result image as shown below.

3. Then choose the device you prefer.

4. Finally Export the screenshot either by sending it by email, saving it to photos and etc.

Here is sample of final product.

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