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Transfer Files From Mac To LG Mobile And Vice Versa Using AirDroid

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AirDroid to Transfer Files from Mac to Android Phone
As much as I want to stick on one platform (preferably Mac and iOS) I can't because my day job requires me to know every desktop and mobile platform or at least the major ones out there like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about it because I like what I do and it got even better when I received my LG G2 mobile phone which I reviewed on my last post. Since I often play music on my mobile when Im driving, I tried to load some my favorite musics from my Mac in to this pristine monster device but I got disappointed when I learn that LG doesn't have a native sync software for Mac. What they have is only for desktop PC. This is a major deal breaker for avid Apple users who want to try switching from iOS to Android because more often than not, they already own a Mac systems. LG should really consider building sync software for Mac if they want to persuade iPhone users to switch to their platform. Moving forward, I searched for third-party softwares that can transfer my files and one that stood out is AirDroid for Android. I'm already using AirDroid before to manage my ex Android phone wirelessly just by using my favourite browser and now I'm more convinced that it also the best software to transfer files from Mac to LG phones. To use Airdroid is easy. All you need to do is connect your Mac and LG Android phone to the same Wi-Fi.

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