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LG G2: The Good, The Bad and The Verdict

This will be my first review blog on gadgets and I am fully aware that there are already a lot of tech review blogs and websites out there. So what made me think to start another one? I want my review to be more personal. I will only review gadget that I actually use. I want to tell you my story after buying the gadget. No techie specs, benchmarks, no marketing bullshits or whatsoever.

OK let start. My review is divided in three (3) parts: The Good stuff, the bad experience and my verdict.

LG G2 - The new LG Flagship Phone

Just this week LG Philippines released LG G2, their next flagship smartphone. You can read all about its super specs here. I just sold my HTC One last week and when I learned about LG G2 news, I decided to buy one for myself for personal use. After few days of using it, here is my take on this phone.

The Good.

Brilliant Display. The 5.2" (1920x1080) Full HD IPS Display is superior. Yes even better than my ex HTC One. It has ultra-thin bezels either side of the display and no more button at the bottom which makes it all glass at front.

LG G2 Brilliant Display

If you want a phone that is mostly glass, bigger usable screen, no physical buttons and thin borders? then this is your next phone.

Great Camera. Although in my opinion HTC One has a better camera UI because of HTC Zoe, in terms of output LG G2 camera can go toe-to-toe with any phone today including iPhone 5 (yes I have one). It has 13 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilizer (for shaky hands) and up to 12 shooting modes to choose from.

Super Performance. It is the first phone that has a Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 800 so obviously it is the fastest phone in the market today. Like I said, I won't post benchmarks here because thats for geeks only so you just have to trust me on this. OK your so persistent, you can see some benchmarks here.

Quick Window Cover. I purchased my G2 with this free cover and I really love it. It is like the iPad's smartcover which automatically turn the device's screen when you close the cover plus it has a small window where you can swipe, touch or knock to wakeup G2 to check for time, weather, calls and etc.

LG G2 Quick Window Cover

Long lasting battery. My iPhone 5 dies before sunset after a morning full recharge. My G2 can last overnight. Both are during my normal use (email, calls, browsing, sms, etc.)

The Bad.

Ugly User Interface. Coming from an iPhone user, LG's Android software skin sucks big time!. I tried changing themes to enhance the look (it only has two themes) but both themes are either suitable for girl teens or toddlers. Fortunately since it is an Android phone, you can change the look by installing 3rd party launcher like Nova Prime or Apex. Here is the new look after switching to Nova Prime launcher.

So if your like me who thinks LG G2 UI is ugly? then no worries there is hope. You can do a makeover using third party launchers.

Cartoony messaging app. Since I sms a lot I can't help notice the ugly look of messaging app. Fortunately again, you can download another messaging app from Google Playstore. Try Go SMS pro.

Weird button placement. Physical buttons of the phone (multifunction power button and two volume buttons) are now located at back. Maybe LG has good reasons to put the buttons back there but damn it feels wierd reaching the power button at the back to wakeup the phone. Good thing LG G2 has KNOCKON feature which wakes up the phone just by tapping the screen twice.

The Verdict.

Did I regret buying this smartphone? will I recommend it? I have two answers for that. If your looking for a new Android Phone? and then he'll Yeah! get this super phone over HTC One and Samsung S4. But if you already have HTC One or Samsung S4 and considering to switch? then my answer is NO. Stay with your current smartphones.

If your going for it then you can now get it at MX Memo Express store for Php 27,940 cash or Kimstore (online shop) for Php 26,305 cash.


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