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iPhone 5C for Colorful and iPhone 5S for Super

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Last night Apple's keynote revealed the much anticipated next iPhones. The iPhone 5C - which I taught "C" is for cheap but Tim Cook prefers it to be dubbed as Colorful. This iPhone version is surely be cheaper (starts at $99) than the regular iPhone but won't be cheap at all. It is made of plastic and will be offered in variant colors (green, white, blue, red, and yellow). The iPhone 5c is Apple's answer to the Android dominance in the midrange market.

And the iPhone 5S. Definitely S is for Super because of its new A7 processor which is 40x faster than its predecessor. A7 supports 64-bit processing and it is partnered with M7 "motion processor" which can continuously monitor phone's motion and position. It has also a dual-LED flash and a fingerprint scanner on the home button. iPhone 5s is aesthetic is almost the same with iPhone 5 but it comes in gold color which I think is cooler than black.

Other announcements after the jump

iOS 7. Mark September 18 in your calendar because anyone with an iPhone 4S, iPad mini, second-generation or newer iPad, or fifth-generation iPod touch will have the option to upgrade. By the way, Apple is also throwing iWork app for free.

iTunes Radio. streaming music will also be rolled on 18th.

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