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iOS 7 Testing on my iPad Mini

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September 18. Apple released the newest major upgrade of their mobile operating system, the iOS 7. I've been dying to try this iOS version on my iPhone when it was still in beta but I can't because it will break my jailbroken iDevice. Fortunately, I already need to replace my aging iPad 2 so when I decided to buy the iPad Mini I got a whole new reason to try iOS 7 on it and I did. Here are some of the notable experience I have so far with iOS 7.

The new design. The new look of iOS 7 is definitely astonishing. It is flat and cool. I really like the simplicity of flat UI.

The Control Center. A whole new and quicker way to access settings like Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, adjust brightness and others.

AirDrop. Better way to share everything. You don't have to worry about setting up your Wi-Fi and bluetooth because AirDrop does everything. Just tap that Share button. Unfortunately it does not yet support sharing between Mac.

Multi-tasking. Switch between apps faster. Honestly I have seen the same app switching style on my HTC One.

App Store+. With the new App Store, you can now find popular apps relevant to your current location.

Dynamic Wallpaper. iOS 7 now has live wallpapers for background and lockscreen.

Better Photo Editor. Don't like the raw output of your photo? iOS 7 has now photo filters similar to Instagram and Facebook. There are only few filters you can select from but if you need one without installing a separate app then this is a good start.

The Verdict. Overall I liked what I've seen. The flat look is cool and refreshing. Although I can't see any function that is really innovative (I have seen much of the new features in Android). It is still a great upgrade from the old iOS look. Do I recommend upgrading to iOS 7? Definitely Yes.

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