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Android 4.2.2 Update on HTC One

Last night, I successfully updated my HTC One to the latest available HTC Update 2.24.708.4. The following are the changes that are worth the update

1. Six new themes for highlight reels

New Themes are Atlantis, Hammerville, Gotham, Boulevard, Boardwalk, Lilyto.

2. Instagram is now available on BlinkFeed.

You'll need to link your Instagram account to setup Instagram for HTC Sense.

3. Android Daydream. Set a screensaver when your phone is charging or on a docking station.

You can choose from two available screensaver: Flipboard and and Colors.

4. Quick Settings mod. Changing settings is just a tap away.

There are also other minor enhancements such as:
Stability/Performance optimisations
Back buton = start of Blinkfeed
Google Now accessible with a swipe from the home button (Option)
Battery capacity in percent (Option)
Manual selection (Zoes) for Zoe Highlights
Sequence data from Zoe will not uploaded to Dropbox/Google+ anymore.
Manual selection of visualisations in the music player.
App drawer displays
Sense TV: Channels can be changed manually.


  1. Wonderful: Indeed, Android 4.2.2's prescient content engine likewise best that of ios, in that in any case it demonstrates the bar underneath the content window with conceivable options as opposed to only one the way the iphone does—and afterward pops it in with a bit enlivened blur as you keep writing. These are little points of interest, however they're excellent in activity. This is precisely the sort of shine Android required the whole time, however the new Blackberry Z10 on-screen console has ended up being far and away superio. Thanks all.
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