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Android 4.2.2 Update on HTC One

Last night, I successfully updated my HTC One to the latest available HTC Update 2.24.708.4. The following are the changes that are worth the update

1. Six new themes for highlight reels

New Themes are Atlantis, Hammerville, Gotham, Boulevard, Boardwalk, Lilyto.


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Faster Shortcut To Lock Your Mac Screen Without Using Keyboard

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Although there is an equivalent shortcut for CTRL+ALT+DEL (Windows) in Mac which is CONTROL+SHIFT+EJECT. There is a faster way to lock your Mac's screen by just moving your mouse on your Mac's hot corners. To configure the hot corner shortcut, just follow these steps:

1. Go to System Preferences and click Desktop & Screen Saver.
2. Click Screen Saver tab and choose your preferences.

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Throw your Android Phone up to earn points!

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A new app hit Google Play this week that is generating a lot of buzz. It is called "Send Me To Heaven" or S.M.T.H. As it name implies, you have to send your phone to heaven by throwing it as high as you can to earn points. Your score can be uploaded to leader boards of Top 10 list high thrower in week, in day or in the world.

Definitely I won't recommend it to try this app on your high end phone like HTC One or Samsung S4. But it would be fun to try it on your old android phone. Whatever you decide on, I suggest you practice first using other things. This is should be recommended to baseball player and football wide recievers. SMTH is a catchy name but I think "Catch me if you can" would be a lot better!

This app didn't made to Apple app store because Apple thought it is violating one of their rules and it was encouraging behavior which could lead to damaging of iOS device.

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What is the equivalent of ALT+ENTER in Excel Mac?

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I have posted some basic keyboard shortcuts for Mac beginners but I guess this one is not included on that post. In Excel, if you want to create a new line inside a cell, you press ALT + ENTER. Since I switch to Mac, I have to look for the the equivalent key. It is CTRL + ALT + ENTER. Yeah you need to press CTRL key.

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