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Remove Reply To All Button In Outlook To Prevent Unintentional Email Replies

Unintentional replying to all if you don't intend to is embarrassing and sometimes can get you in trouble. One sad story I previously read is about a woman who got fired after she accidentally sent a snarky email about how she disliked her supervisor. The email was intended to few close colleagues but she accidentally sent it to all. If your an outlook user, you can prevent such thing from happening to you by removing the reply to all button. It can be done in Outlook by following the steps described after the jump.

In Outlook 2003 and 2007.

- Press the Alt key and drag the Reply to All button off the toolbar,
- Or click the down arrow on the far right of the toolbar and then choose Add or Remove Buttons, select Standard, and uncheck "Reply to All".

*you must to complete these steps in both the main Outlook window and Outlook's message window.

For Outlook 2010 (source).

- Click File tab, choose Options, and select Customize Ribbon.
- Choose Respond in the right pane and click Remove.
- Click New Group twice. Rename the first New Group (Custom) as "Respond (Custom)" and the second as "Reply all (Custom)."
- At the top of the left pane, click Main Tabs from "Choose commands from."
- In the left pane, expand Home (Mail) and Respond.
- In the right pane, select Respond (Custom).
- Add the commands "Post reply," "Reply," "Forward," "Meeting," "IM," and "More" from left frame to Respond (Custom) in the right pane one by one.
- In the right pane, choose "Reply all (Custom)."
- Add the command Reply All to "Reply all (Custom)."
- Select "Reply all (Custom)" and use the Down button to move it under "Send/Receive (IMAP/POP)."
- Click OK.

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