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Photo Filters Are Now Available In Facebook For iOS

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If your an avid fan of Instagram and Path's photo filters then this maybe a great news for you. The iOS Camera app built-in filters like Cool, B+W, Neon and etc. are now in Facebook iOS primary app. The filter toolbar will appear once you tap the magic wand when you have chosen a photo to post as shown on the image below.

Photo Filters Are Now Available In Facebook For iOS

This move from Facebook overtakes Twitter which according to some leaked news, Twitter plans to add photo filters on their own app soon. In addition with Photo Filtering, the app update also includes multi-photo uploading feature which beats any social networking app when it comes to sharing several photos at once.

Photo filters and Multi-Photo features are available in the latest release of Facebook app (5.1).

Try it for yourself today and drop your comments about it!

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