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Upgrade To iOS 6 Is Now Available

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iOS 6 Has Finally Launched. Is It Time To Upgrade?Just earlier I received an unlock email notification for my previously AT&T locked iPhone 4. Thanks to this proven service, my iPhone is unlocked forever. Upon plugging my iPhone to my computer to complete the process, iTunes prompt me to upgrade to iOS 6. Since I plan to sell my iPhone 4 anyway, I opt to upgrade and here are the features that worth the upgrade.

- Maps app. Cool voice-guided turn-by-turn directions.
- Smarter Siri. It can launch apps, update your Facebook or Twitter status and make restaurant reservations. Unfortunately for iPhone 4 users, Siri is not available on your handsets.
- Facebook Integration. Similar to Twitter, Facebook is fully integrated on the entire iOS.
- FaceTime over your carrier's 3G connection. With iOS 6.0, your are free from Wi-Fi's mercy.

More new features after the break!

- Panorama Mode. Another powerful feature to add to already powerpacked iPhone Camera. Again not available in iPhone 4 and below but great a feature if you have iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.
- Photo Sharing using iCloud and Photo Stream. Share photos directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. You may now also share photos with non-iOS users.
- Redesigned Mail app. iOS added a VIP list so you'll never miss an important message from your wife, boss and mom. It is now also easier to add photos and videos in your email.
- Do Not Disturb (DND). You may now enjoy your relaxation time completely since iPhone will totally silence your phone and prevent screen from turning on when a phone call is received. Ofcourse you can make exceptions by adding your contacts to favorite list.

For complete list of features, visit Apple's iOS 6.0 page.

So, should you upgrade? NO for jailbreak users until a jailbreak is available and YES to stock users.

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