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iPhone 5 is Officially Here

iPhone 5 is Officially Here
OK so it is officially here. Are you surprise? really? because I wasn't. I wasn't because all speculation which I had seen on the mock ups
were at least 99% correct. It is taller, thinner than 4s, 4-inch wider screen, aluminum body (I like the glass body more), 20% lighter than 4S, 8 megapixel shooter, faster A6 processor and smaller connector which they call lightning connector. Some of the new stuffs that I'm looking forward to are the new iOS 6, panoramic camera mode, and FaceTime HD!. Its pricing? the new iPhone will come in 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB versions, with the 16GB version starting at $199.99. My overall impression of the new iPhone? Im a bit disappointed. Like I said before, I am more into looks and in terms of how Apple designed the iPhone 5, there's not much of a difference compare to 4S. It is simply an elongated iPhone 4.

Will I Upgrade to iPhone 5? Yes for sure because I'm an Apple user. My life is built around iPad, iMac, iPod and iPhone. Changing to new environment would be like moving to a new neighborhood. It would be a dumb decision for me.