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Attach More Than 5 Photos In iOS Email With Instamail Photo

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Apple iOS is arguably by far the most user friendly mobile platform ever invented in the past 10 years but sometimes its simpleness put limits to what user can do. If you already noticed, you can only attached at most 5 photos in one email in iPhone, iPod or iPad. This could be a problem for people who use to attached several pictures on their email. Fortunately you can overcome the said limitation with Instamail Photo app. Once your done downloading Instamail app from App store, just launch the app and hit the black middle button.

Attach More Than 5 Photos In iOS Email With Instamail Photo

The app will automatically take you to your Photos and from there select as many photos you want. Once your have selected your photos, click Done and wait for Instamail Photo to attach the files to a new email. Once it is done, you mail app should show up. Enter the recipient email as you normally do and finally hit send. To verify if your email is already sent, just go to your Mail app sent folder.

Take note that this app uses your stock iOS Mail and Photos app. It also doesn't ask for any configuration or sign up process. One thing that could be an issue to you is it renames all sent photos as "instamailApp". Instamail Photo is free.

Download Instamail Photo

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