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MightyText: iMessage for Android

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MightyText: iMessage for Android
iMessage is one of the coolest thing happened in iOS 5. With it, you can send and receive unlimited text messages on your all iOS devices via Wi-Fi or 3G. If your Android user then sorry you won't have iMessage capability so I suggest you switch to iOS now :-) Ofcourse I am joking. No need to be bitter if your Android user since you can have an iMessage clone by installing MightyText. Let's discuss its features after the jump!

With MightyText installed in your Android, you can send/receive SMS from your computer or tablet. This application uses your Android phone number. Let say you happen to forgot your phone at home and someone texted you, the message will be forwarded to your computer or tablet. It uses internet to forward the message so your phone should have WIFI or 3G connection on it.

To use MightyText, you just need to follow 2 steps.

1. Install MightyText Android Phone App.
2. Set up MightyText on Computer or Tablet.

MightyText uses browsers plugin for it to work on your computer. Currently it supports Google Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Download MightyText

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