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iPhone Jailbreak Tweak To Increase Battery Life

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For the best technology ever invented for the past decade, iPhone's battery life sucks. It should have been a perfect tool if I don't have to charge it everyday. I know many people would agree with me on this one so methods that will help extend its battery usage are more than welcome. BattSaver is one app that I recently tried but requires a jailbroken iPhone. What it does is, it checks for the features of the iPhone that are draining its battery life and suppresses them. Features like WiFi and cellular connections. It has four (4) saving strategies.

iPhone Jailbreak Tweak To Increase Battery Life

1. Normal mode will disable all radio signals when your iPhone goes to sleep and saving your battery's life. If you expect messages or emails, no worries because your device will check for new mail every 15 minutes.

2. Aggressive mode is almost similar with normal mode except it completely disables your mobile data connection if your already connected on a valid Wi-Fi. In this mode, your data radios will be enabled every 45 minutes to retrieve emails and notifications.

3. Ultimate mode which i find useless since it is almost the same as enabling Airplane function of your device.

4. Lastly, Custom mode is for you if you want to be completely in control on how BattSaver will behave.

This jailbreak tweak is available for download in the Cydia Store for $2.99.

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