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View Instagram Photos On Your Desktop PC

Instagram the 1 billion app which bought by Facebook a couple months ago and arguably the best app of the decade. Whether your using iPhone or Android phone, it is fun sharing photos with Instagram. How about you if you don't have iOS or Android device yet? really? if you insist so then you can use the following desktop apps but please take note that it is only good for viewing and searching photos. Yes, posting via desktop is not possible as of this writing. Apps for desktop viewing of Instagram photos are available after the jump.

1. Instagrille - is very nice app that lays your Instagram photos in Grid which interface is similar to Instagram app so familiarity would not be a problem.

View Instagram Photos On Your Desktop PC

2. Webstagram - is a web app but not as appealing as Instagrille. The good thing about being a web viewer is that no installation needed. I recommended this one if you want to use desktop viewer temporarily.

There are other apps in the web that serve the same purpose but these two are the one I tested so far. You happen to know that works for you, please share at the comments section.