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How To Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

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Instead of buying another PC to serve as your test server. You can now utilize your lone computer to have more than one machine running on it by using Virtualization software such as Virtual PC. Although this virtual machine are running within your host machine, you still need network adapter to enable the connection between the virtual machine and host machine. Unless you have more than one LAN adapter on your machine, your only option is to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter. So what is MLA? it is a dummy network card and no hardware required. It is commonly used to connect virtual network environment where network access is not available. Keep on reading, if you want to install one on your Windows 7 machine.

1. Click the Windows Start Menu.
2. Search "cmd" on the search box.
3. Right click "cmd.exe" and then click "Run as Administrator".
4. Type "hdwwiz.exe" on the command prompt and press enter.
5. Now you should be prompted with "Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard". Click Next.
6. Choose "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)" and next.
7. Scroll down and select "Network Adapters".
8. Locate "Microsoft" from the Manufacturer list.
9. Locate "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" from the Network Adapter list and click Next until the wizard is finished.

How To Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Windows 7

I tested this method using Windows 7 Ultimate edition. Have Fun!

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