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Microsoft OneNote for iPad

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I use MobileNoter app on my iPad and Microsoft OneNote on my PC when taking notes. Fortunately, I can sync MobileNoter notes with my OneNote notes using MobileNoter sync program which has additional cost. I bought Wi-Fi sync license so I can sync the two software via wireless network. To sync from the Cloud, you'll need a different license. Now with the release of MS Notes on iPad, I can use OneNote to take notes both in my PC and iPad. The iPad version has a great looking interface. It provides you two-pane interface -one main pane on the right for your notes and a sidebar on the left for navigating your notebooks and pages.

Microsoft OneNote for iPad

To sync your PC and iPad. From your PC, Open your OneNote and go to File > Share > Select Notebook > Share On Web. On the Web location sign in with your Windows Live account. On the other end, from your iPad just enter your Windows Live account and it will automatically download all your notebooks and pages from your Windows Live SkyDrive.

As of this posting, the free iOS app can store as much as 500 notes. If you need more than that, it will cost you $14.99 for unlimited use. It is also worth mentioning that this free app is available for iPhone. Premium accout for iPhone costs $4.99.

Download Microsoft OneNote for iPad

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