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Run Android Apps On Your Windows Computer With Bluestacks

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One of the reason why Android OS is so popular is the fact that it has a lot more free apps to offer over other mobile operating system. Almost any app you can think of can be downloaded from Android Market. If you have a favorite Android app that you wish you can play in a larger screen like your Windows desktop, then Bluestacks is the answer. BlueStacks is an Android app player for Windows that allows you to run any type of Android app in full screen mode without any performance or compatibility issues. Once you installed it on your Windows PC, you'll be able to run and play your favorites games such as Angry Birds and Plant vs Zombies. After installation, you will see a gadget on the top-right corner of your screen. Clicking the gadget will show you the App Tray. Select any app and it will automatically run it in full screen mode. Watch the cool video showcase after the jump.

You can get more Android apps from BlueStacks Channels. Click Get More Apps in the widget app tray. Login with your Facebook account and choose any app by clicking the Subscribe button of each app you like to install.

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