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Use PIN Code To Login In Windows 8

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As a tablet user, I am familiar with PIN code protection. I've seen and use it in mobile devices such as iphone, ipad, ipod and other apple devices. With iOS, you can even use PIN to protect each application if it supports PIN code security. If your prefer PIN code over username and password in Windows desktop then Windows 8 has good news for you. You may now replace the conventional account password protection in Windows with PIN code protection. Although this option has been added to Windows 8 for tablet users, you can enabled it also in your desktop computer. To get started, go to Control Panel from Windows 8 Start Menu.Select Users from main navigation bar and click Create a PIN button.

Use PIN Code To Login In Windows 8

This will open the PIN setup dialog. Enter your account password first before you can proceed. Enter 4 digit PIN and click Finish to save. Now when you login, you'll see an option on Windows 8 logon screen to switch from account password to PIN code. Choose PIN if you prefer to use the 4 digit code you have setup.

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