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Microsoft Mouse Without Borders: Control Up to 4 Computers With One Mouse

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Efficient people can do multitasking with ease. Professionals such as IT personnel who needs to multitask daily are most often have several computers on their desk to perform different types of jobs. If your one of them then probably you also have different sets of mouse and keyboard for each computer as well. With software download from The Garage, you can use a single mouse to manage all computers you have. Mouse Without Borders is a software that allows you to reach across your PC's as if they were part of one single desktop. One notable feature is the ability to drag and drop files from one computer to the other. Just select the files on one computer and drag and drop them to another to copy or move them to the second PC. You need to install this software on all computers that you want to control. Here is a video demonstration of this cool software after the cut.

Another strong feature of this software is the ability to lock of all PCs or log in on all at once. The latest version of Mouse Without Borders is limited to control four computers with one mouse. Mouse Without Borders is a Microsoft The Garage project, in which Microsoft employees come together after work to build and invent.

Download Mouse Without Borders

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