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Automate Recurring Tasks By Recording Them With WinParrot

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Doing the same repetitive computer tasks everyday is pretty annoying for me. Unfortunately for us, some of the said tasks are critical to our jobs and delegating it to others is not a good option. In situation like this, your best option is to automate such tasks. WinParrot is a free software that can record recurring tasks and execute them afterwards or anytime you want. To get started, run WinParrot and click Record. Start doing the usual repetitive tasks that you perform. Once your done, click Stop from main interface and the recorded task will be saved as WP format. At a later time, you can load this file from the Open button located at the top toolbar to view the recorded actions and to execute the task. Here is a sample tutorial video:

Here is a list of what you can do with WinParrot:
- Automate your recurring tasks
- Load your data into your applications (Internet Explorer, Oracle Applications, SAP ...) using data from an Excel spreadsheet
- Test the robustness of an application by simulating multiple users
- Conduct demonstration or training of an application (by slowing the speed of play)
- Schedule tasks (schedule the execution of macros).

WinParrot works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. I tested it on Windows 7.

Download WinParrot

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