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MailTriage For MS Outlook 2010: Groups Emails Into Conversations

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One notable feature of GMail is the conversation threading which group emails into conversations for easier reading. If you want to port similar feature to your Outlook 2010 then you just have to install MailTriage add-in. It is a free Outlook 2010 Add-In that groups emails into conversation and display them in a separate window pane. This is very useful for users who get hundreds of emails everyday. Once installed and launched for the first time, it categorizes all the emails from selected account into easily manageable conversation groups. The add-in will add two panes at the bottom of the window. Conversations groups are displayed in left side of the pane whereas the right-side shows the content of the selected conversation.

MailTriage For MS Outlook 2010: Groups Emails Into Conversations

You can also create custom conversation thread based on defined search keywords. To create rule, right-click in conversation pane and select Conversation Rule from the context menu to bring up Rule Manager. Click New Rule and specify keyword to filter conversations. Click OK to apply the rule and reload the conversation pane.

It works on Outlook 2010 with .Net Framework 4 installed.

Download MailTriage

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